Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Decisions, Decisions......

So I'am sure mostly everyone has heard by now that we are in the process of moving back to Las Vegas. Nate accepted a position at Summerlin Hospital and we are scheduled to make the big move in the third week of April. I know some of you are shocked, elated, sad, curious, worried, the list goes on. Well I'am right there with you. With the move a little more than 5 days away, notices put into to Nate's current employer, schools and our landlord, it still has not hit me yet that we are moving back, it's almost like I can't fathom or process it for some reason.

Some of you are probably curious as to how/why we came to this decision to head back. Nate and I LOVE Iowa, like REALLY LOVE Iowa. I could and would gladly and happily stay here for the rest of my life and be completely content. Iowa is a serious hidden gem in this awesome country known as the USA. I will definitely be dedicating an ENTIRE future post on the magnificence of Iowa and all this so-called "corn" state has to offer. Nate and I have been struggling financially and spiritually for the last several years. We are doing fine now with Nate's income and position at his current hospital, but the hours and days that he works just plain suck! We haven't been an active going church family for years and it has been very difficult for us. We really need to get our family back on the path of salvation, but with Nate's current position we just don't see how that will ever be possible. I just can't take 3 kiddos to church by myself yet until Chase and Caitlyn are a bit older and can be trusted to handle themselves better. I have been offered help with Coby and the kids multiple times, but it's just difficult to even handle Coby by himself at church, especially since he is nearly my height and weight already. I'm getting off topic here so lets move on. Missing church and never having the chance at a normal schedule or even the possibility of owning a home one day again were huge factors in the final decision to move.

We feel this move will be very beneficial to us and are so excited to get to Vegas and get started. There are soooooo many things to do in Vegas for kids, for families, for every walk of life. Vegas has its down sides sure, with its CRAZAY-a$$ traffic/drivers, congestion in general, crime rates (mostly in the crazy parts of town), but it has its up sides as well. For one, my family (which I have not been able to share a single holiday with since we moved to Iowa in May of 2006), most of our friends live in Vegas or the surrounding areas and St.George, UT. (which is a piddly 2 hr. drive away), THE MOUNTAINS!!!, lots of fantastic restaurants, shopping, great church members (betcha didn't know Vegas has a LOT of LDS members), best of all a TEMPLE!!

The list of pro's we formulated in making our decisions to move, far out weighed the cons. We are anxious to get there already and get our lives back on track and to relax finally. Life in Iowa has been good, but it has been the most trying and difficult seven years of our entire lives. I'am grateful for the trials that Nate and I had to go through as a couple and as a family. We both have stated that while we were born and raised in Nevada, we really grew up and grew together in Iowa. We had no one, but each other to lean a lot of the time. Coming to Iowa really made us into the strong couple we are today. I have never felt more connected or more in-love with Nate. He is truly my better-half and my best friend. I thank Iowa for helping us become the strong couple/family we are today.

ok let me end this with a few pictures of our soon-to-be stomping grounds.

The Beautiful Las Vegas Temple:

Gorgeous Mount Charleston:

 Beautiful Red Rock Canyon:

Of course the Las Vegas Strip, because even it has its own beauty:

And the best part of all our new Home and Community:

One of Several pools: this is the lagoon pool with the club house in the background 

The Waterpark for kids right in our community

The Guard Gate, so you CAN'T solicit me :)

 The GORGEOUS golf course. Nate and I can't wait to get on it and play a round or several

 another of the course with the stunning mountain views right in our back yard

We also have several playgrounds for the kids and parks, more pools, (including a lap pool and hot tubs), tennis courts, racquet ball courts, a restaurant, a HUGE gym with b-ball courts and full fitness center (with access to every class imaginable, machines and such), ALL exclusive to those who live in this community and everything for FREE (with the exception of paying for rounds of golf and fitness classes (i believe). WE are ALL EXCITED!!!!  
We shall see you soon Las Vegas, house and FAMILY!!!!!