Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Marijuana debate...

ok friends, I would like to have a little discussion about the election results for just a tic here. I know some are over the moon about the re-election of President Obama, while others are mourning the loss for Governor Romney. I'am neither over the moon or heart broken. I' am simply just rolling with the punches. Truth be told I voted for Romney. It came down to his question "are we better off now, than we were four years ago?" my answer "NO!" We are trillions in the deficit, our troops are still out there fighting a war, no longer in Iraq, but still in Afghanistan and yet we sit idly by while stuff is going down in Syria. Gas prices are through the dang roof, cost of living and taxes have gone up substantially for peeps like me in the "middle class", statistics showing that at least half of America is on some kind of public assistance and should I touch on unemployment or just let it speak for itself??...yeah didn't think so. Now I will say this I don't hate Obama and I don't think he is evil. I do thank him for helping me out with money to go to college, which is something that I disagreed with Romney on. However the thought of taxes going up for peeps like me who are already struggling to make ends meet SUCKS! I'am so thankful and so blessed that my husband has a great career, that is both secure and has the capacity to go up in pay scale, so I can't really complain about unemployment at all, accept that over half of my family was and is still effected by it. In any case I hope President Obama makes good on his promises and that America moves "FORWARD" over the next four years and I hope that he proves me wrong.

p.s. Obamacare scares the crap out of me, for many reasons I simply couldn't sum up in one blog, but instead would need its own post. I will touch a little on this subject by saying that I hope it helps people like my mother who lost her job after being with her company 20+ years and has health problems and who currently has no health insurance.

 *********WARNING: this part could offend a vast majority of my friends and if you feel this might affect you, I suggest you stop reading now. This is my blog and I don't want to offend or upset you, but I cannot silence how I feel*****************

Moving on I want to touch on something a little controversial coming from a Mormon such as myself. Colorado and Washington just legalized the recreational use of Marijuana and I joked about it in a post on  FB a little. Truth be told though I really don't have a problem with it and when we lived in Nevada and it was on the ballot in 2004 to legalize it, I voted "YES" for it. Before you rush to judge let me clarify the "WHY??" for a moment. Our federal government spends $5.5 - 8.5 BILLION dollars a year just on the crack down of Marijuana ALONE. Does anyone have any idea how much money that actually is??  that figure DOES NOT include the cost of the prison systems. Our prison system is sooooo overcrowded with inmates who have marijuana charges and sometimes it all because "jimmy bought a dime bag off of Joe, for the fourth time, so now Jimmy and Joe both go to prison for a year+." Personally I would rather see that money spent on the crack down of Meth and other hardcore prescription and non-prescription drugs that shred families and neighborhoods apart. Truth be told I say legalize Marijuana and tax the heck out of it!!! it could bring in revenues of about $2.4 billion dollars a year in just the regular "goods" tax, much like food and clothing. It will give our prisons room for repeated DUI offenders and other offenders as well. If we were to outlaw anything I would gladly trade alcohol for marijuana use. Alcohol is WAY more addictive and costs us hundreds of BILLIONS/yr. in damages, not to mention all the loved ones people have lost to either death or addiction of alcohol. Now I know what some might say? "do you know the effects marijuana does to the body??" why yes I do actually. I know the "long term" and "short term" effects. Like I said this part may offend some, including my husband (who already knows this about me, but may not want others to know), but I have to confess that I smoked marijuana in high school, during my rebel years. I make no apologizes for this, but I do feel shame for it. I did it and I learned from it. I have drank alcohol in high school as well and I can tell you this I was still coherent after the use of marijuana, but was not at all while drinking alcohol. I learned from those experiences and have no desire to ever consume either EVER again. When I quit using both (which wasn't all that often). I decided to join the Church and get my act together and have never looked back. I have those experiences to share with my children and how I will never want them to do either. I really would like it legalized especially for medicinal purposes. anywho I know I may have offended you who is reading this and you may look at me differently now, but that's o.k. I felt the need to clarify myself and I make no apologies for the mistakes I made nearly 12 years ago as an idiot teenager.

In conclusion here. My heart is liberal, while my brain is conservative. It is a constant inner battle I face daily. I'm registered as a non-partisan, because I simply want to vote. I also wrote this blog post just to simply clarify my feelings on things and not to sway anyone in to believing or thinking as I do. Also if marijuana did become legal for medicinal and/or recreational use, I would never consume it again. I fully believe in, practice, and appreciate the "word of wisdom" given to me by my Heavenly Father and repeated by our modern day prophets and in the scriptures.