Sunday, June 19, 2011

a Great Daddy....

is a man who.....
has the BEST sense of humor!

loves his daddys girl

humors his wife with picture taking

has been married 7 good years

is my very best friend

loves taking his boys to the beach

can be cheesy just like me

loves teaching his children new things

gets excited about new toys just like his kids do

loves his princess

is a graduate

loves his family and old beater trucks

has a tender heart

loves his Chasers

works hard and is the BEST Nurse

is a fantastic brother-in-law LOL!

loves anything outdoors related

is a great brother and friend

loves baths!~ hahaha, he will kill me for this one

takes such pride in being a father

had surgery and massive kidney problems, yet returned to work and school 2 days after being discharged!

just loves his boys!

always excited to have another kid

is an avid camper!

loves Iowa and its four seasons and take pride in his massive snow men LOL!

loves his Cobers

loves the fourth of July!

has a very strong work ethic and feels it is of the up-most importance that he teach his children to have one as well

Happy Fathers day to the most amazing, wonderful, loving, funny Daddy we know!


Anonymous said...

Great tribute to Nate :)
He also is a great Son in law!!